Friday, April 10, 2009

Brand New Designs

Thanks for stopping by! Make sure to scroll through the latest additions to the Watch Your Style collection. Also, come join us at the What Women Want Expo at the Dixie Center in St. George May 15th & 16th! We will be offering up lots of products for you and your little ones including watches, cookbooks, clothing and accessories to keep your baby as chic as you are!


This versitile band is anything but boring. The unique shape of the large beads give it a fresh twist!

Out of Africa

For some reason my husband thinks that the wood beads are "African," hence the name of this design. There are several variations available with this design, here are just 2 possibilities. Work with me to tweak it to your liking, or leave it up to my imagination. Go wild!!


Designed especially for my mom, this band will put a little "spring" in your step!

Swirls & Stones

This new design pairs elegance and personality. Round swirl beads are accented by dramatic stones. Available in 2 colors displayed below. Pink & Grey
Black & Grey

Springtime Swirls

These latest creations are fresh and funky and will add personality to any wardrobe!
They are available in a variety of colors displayed below. Matching bracelets are also available to add a little extra drama and flair! Blue Swirl
Black swirl with aqua accents.
Pink Swirl
Green Swirl
Purple Swirl

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Featuring textile, acrylic, and glass beads this watch demands attention. The cute pastels make it a must-have for the spring and summer seasons. *This band measures 5 1/2"*

Wild Child

Ornate details infuse this zebra-print band with a great vintage-y feel. *This band measures 5 1/2"*

Stained Glass

This versatile band will go great with many things. The stained glass beads feature several colors, and are accented beautifully with back and silver. *This band measures 5"*

One-of-a-Kind Design

This turquoise beauty is literally one-of-a-kind. The slab beads on the ends are no longer available, so unless I can find something similar you will be the only one with this watch. *This band measures 5 1/2"*

Wood is Good

Made exclusively of wood and silver this band is so lightweight you'll forget you're wearing it. *This band measures 5 1/2"*

Not-So Jaded

Jade accented with stone, wood, and silver make this a must-have for the nature-lover in all of us. *This band measures 5 1/2"*


You will love the way this band feels. Made from glass, acrylic, and textile this band is lightweight and bursting with personality! *This band measures 6"*

Black & Blue All Over

This glass and acrylic band puts a fun twist on animal print. Who said being black and blue had to hurt?

Au Naturale

Featuring wood, silver, and bone, this chunky band will go with almost anything. Naturally. *This band measures 6 1/2"*

Giraffe Me

Glass giraffe print beads add a little wild flare to this piece. *This band measures 5 1/2"*

Vanilla Latte

If you're looking to make a more subtle statement Vanilla Latte is for you. Bone flowers, wood, and silver make this piece simply beautiful. *This band measures 5 1/2"*

Inspired by Twilight

Inspired by the Twilight cover, this dramatic black, white, red, and silver band begs the question Team Edward or Team Jacob? *This band measures 6"*

Girlish Wish

Girlish Wish features 2 pink & green striped textile beads accented with 4 silver "wish" pendants, and a cute mix of silver, pink, and green. Guaranteed to please this spring! *This band measures 5 1/2"*

Basic Beauty

This watchband features "mixed-media" beads including bone, textile, wood, and silver. A great neutral piece to will add a little drama to the most basic outfit. *This band measures 6"*